Dr. Cappello Lectures in Japan along with Prominent Global Breast Health Leaders

Dr. Cappello Lectures in Tokyo, Japan

Joining Breast Health Leaders from Across the Globe to Lecture at the 23rd International Breast Cancer Society Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Seigo Nakamura and Dr. Nancy M. Cappello

July 2-4 2015: Dr. Seigo Nakamura, President of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society, invited Dr. Cappello at the request of Dr. Mitsuhiro Tozaki, Radiologist and Director of the Breast Center, Kameda Medical Center and Founder of the Breast Cancer Imaging Network, a non-profit organization. 

View a short clip of Dr. Cappello's lecture at the Conference.

In January, 2013, Dr. Tozaki contacted Dr. Cappello to request her assistance in educating the Japanese public about the harms of dense breast tissue and to announce Are You Dense Inc. and its website to Japanese physicians, healthcare providers and patient advocates through the Breast Cancer Imaging Network.

View the program here.

Dr. Tozaki & Dr. Cappello

Survivors & HealthCare Providers Meet with Dr. Cappello 

Breast Cancer Imaging Network & Are You Dense Unite 

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