Dr. Cappelo Invited to Lecture in Rome Italy at the European Breast Imaging Scientific Assembly

IMG_2877.jpgOctober, 2013

Rome Italy was the setting of the European Society of Breast Imaging Annual Scientific Assembly, as Dr. Cappello joined global leaders in breast health on the lecture stage, four years after Connecticut became the FIRST state to disclose dense breast tissue to the patient through the mammography report. 

Dr. Cappello relived her startling story from patient to advocate to an enthusiastic crowd of health care providers and physicians from across the world.  Dr. Cappello's narrative of her missed and advanced cancer on mammography and her determination to get this critical breast health information about 'dense breasts' to the patient was well-received by the audience with a standing ovation.

Radiologists joined Dr. Cappello on stage after her lecture in support of the reporting of dense tissue to patients as part of their mammography results.

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