Alabama Newly-Elected Senator Dr. Stutts Leads Efforts to Repeal Density Reporting Law


Dr. Larry Stutts' Campaign Promise was to fight for the Betterment of Alabama Citizens. Along with Dr. Stutts, an Alabama OB/GYN, Senators Waggoner, Glover, Hightower, Bussman, McClendon and Melson join him to conceal a critical breast health issue - dense breast tissue - from Alabama women. 

Tweet the Governor (@GovernorBentley) and Sponsor Stutts (@Larry_Stutts) and Gerald Dial (@SenGeraldDial) Chair of Senate Health Committee, Senator Marsh (@SenatorDelMarsh), Senate Pres/Repeal of #breastdensity law is DANGEROUS to AL patient's health/Prevent advanced #breastcancer/thx @GovernorBentley for signing 2013 law (tweet your representatives too)

Dense Breast Tissue is the strongest predictor of the failure of mammography to detect cancer - and an independent risk factor.  Sadly for Alabama women and their families, the two Champions of the Alabama Density Reporting 2013 Law (Senators Greeson and Bedford) are no longer in the Legislature. Senator Stutts defeated Bedford in November by a narrow margin. 

Is this repeal for the betterment of women and their families or for health care providers who oppose the standardization of density reporting to the patient? 

SB 289 A bill to REPEAL breast density reporting HERE

An interesting fact to Dr. Stutts Concealment of Critical Breast Health from Women's Bill is that the trade organization of Obstetricians/Gynecologists (ACOG) advocates for the killing of these BILLS calling them Dangerous to Patient's Health and Safety. Fox 6 reports that the Alabama Medical Association gave 175K to the political campaigns of 6 senate sponsors. 100% for women's health care OR for the Trade Organization???

Alabama Residents, contact your state representatives, Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the Governor Bentley, a medical doctor who signed the 2013 bill into law, and tell them that repealing Alabama's current breast density law (SB289) WILL be DANGEROUS by putting Alabama women at risk for missed, delayed and advanced-stage breast cancer and a greater potential of dying prematurely from breast cancer.  

GOOD NEWS! Montgomery Advertiser Josh Moons called out the Senators calling the REPEAL the worst bill of the Year and a hateful piece of legislation.  Read the opinion here.  "The information about dense breast tissue is the patient's information. She paid for it. It's hers. There is no legitimate reason that she shouldn't be informed or that a doctor operating in this country should feel anything less than obligated by law to provide her with that information."  These Senators and the Governor need to hear from YOU!

Governor Bentley and Senator Bedford smile in celebration for its breast density reporting law in 2013 - link here.

"Up to 40 percent of all women have the kind of tissue that makes conventional breast cancer screening less effective due to dense tissue," continued Bedford.  "Thanks to my bill, women with dense tissue are required by law to be notified so that they can be informed about alternative screening methods that could allow for the earlier detection of cancer.  I am proud that the Governor recognized the importance of this legislation and signed it into law for our citizens." 

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