Connecticut Bill SB 158 - Ultrasound coverage without imposing a decuctible

Are You Dense Advocacy Inc. Advocates for Adjunct Ultrasound Screening for Women with Dense Breast Tissue WITHOUT Imposing a Deductible: 

SB 158 introduced by the Insurance and Real Estate Committee

Since our dense breast tissue reporting law in 2009, the FIRST in the nation, hundreds of Connecticut women with dense breast tissue have contacted Are You Dense Inc. and Are You Dense Advocacy Inc. about the barrier to getting the recommended adjunct screening ultrasound because of high deductible insurance plans. Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. is working with our government relations team in Hartford for an insurance coverage bill for adjunct ultrasound that would NOT impose a deductible. 

SB 158 was introduced at the Hartford Capitol in February.

Last week, Dr. Cappello testified at the Public Hearing, along with other advocates and supportive radiologists, in support of the bill. If YOU are a Connecticut resident, please contact your representatives and ask them to support SB 158: Ultrasound coverage for dense breasts. Share with them these important facts:

  • For 2 decades, research has concluded that mammography misses every other cancer in dense breasts;
  • Adding ultrasound to mammogram significantly increases detection of small, node negative invasive cancers; 
  • Only 30% of women who are recommended for the adjunct ultrasound get one; and
  • Out-of-pockets costs, for women with high deductible plans, are preventing them from getting the ultrasound screening that could make a difference between early and advanced-stage cancer.

Let's continue to make Connecticut a leader in dense breast tissue education and advocacy, resulting in reducing advanced disease and saving lives.

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