Density Reporting Bills Championed by Legislators/Dr. Cappello testifies in Lincoln NE in support of Cheri's Law

A growing number of states are championing Density Reporting Laws to protects its citizens from missed, delayed and advanced stage breast cancer. The grassroots density reporting movement catapulted to the global stage when Connecticut became the first state to enact a density reporting law in 2009, inspired by Dr. Nancy Cappello, who began working with her legislature when she was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer in 2004.

Connecticut's pioneering efforts led to the grassroots Breast Health movement, culminating in 2016 with 28 Density Reporting Laws. Dr. Cappello continues to be a leading voice in density education and reporting and has worked across the globe to empower women with the same critical breast cancer risk information their doctors have.

Dr, Cappello traveled to Lincoln Nebraska to participate in Press Conference and to testify at Public Hearing on Cheri's Law.

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For an up to date visual of state efforts in 2017, see the advocacy state map at

governor-rell-bill-signing-with-joe.jpgFIRST DENSITY REPORTING STATE Connecticut 2009

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