Density Reporting Bills Spread Across the Country

Are You Dense Advocacy Inc. announces state legislative efforts across the country.  The interactive D.E.N.S.E.® U.S. map provides the most current legislative efforts across the nation and is updated frequently.  

The patient advocacy movement started in Connecticut in 2009, upon enactment of Connecticut's landmark legislation to give women the same information their docs have about THEIR dense breast tissue. Inspired by patient Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D.,  upon her advanced stage diagnosis in 2004 after NEVER missing her mammogram appointment, her desire was and continues to ensure that no woman suffers the tragedy of a late stage diagnosis, despite have faithful yearly mammograms. 

Being a pioneer in getting the first density reporting law passed took more than five years, beginning with an insurance coverage law in 2005.  While her health care providers were testifying against density reporting to the patient, fervent legislators, volunteers and one brave radiologist, who refused to join the entrenched status quo, stood by patients and testified against his own society of radiologists.  It's been a wild and turbulent ride since 2004, with an unprecedented global impact. Dr. Cappello and her band of activists continue to join together to change an injustice in breast cancer screening to give all womem access to an early diagnosis.

Check out the latest update on the D.E.N.S.E.® State Legislative efforts map to see if your state is protecting women from missed, delayed and advanced stage breast cancer.  There is also a contact link in each state for you to be involved in legislative efforts to reduce advanced disease.

Governor Jodi Rell signs the First State Density Reporting Law in Connectict - October 1, 2009

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Are You Dense Inc. honors Governor Jodi Rell with the Champion Award at the 2015 AreYouDense MusicFest

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