Dr. Cappello introduces Governor Chafee at Rhode Island Bill Signing

Governor Lincoln Chafee invites Dr. Cappello to give opening remarks at Rhode Island Breast Density Reporting Bill Signing
Ann Galligan Kelley, Rhode Island Resident, led the RI cause.

Ann Kelley made all the right moves about her breast health.  She exercised, ate organic, and was faithful with her yearly mammograms.  Ann believed she was doing all she could to have access to an early diagnosis, in the event she became one of the 85% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer with no family history.  Ann was wrong.  Her invasive cancer was found within months of another "normal" mammogram.  Tragically, not one of her health care providers ever told her that having dense breast tissue reduces the ability of the mammographic Xray to 'see' cancer.

After finding Are You Dense, Inc. & Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. during an internet search, Ann contacted Dr. Nancy Cappello, Founder of the non profits.  Nancy worked with Ann to advocate for density reporting in Rhode Island.  Connecticut Radiologists Drs. Philpotts, Hooley, Verga and Weigert provided written letters of support based on Connecticut's early detection outcomes, a direct result of Connecticut's landmark 2009 legislation.  Dr. Philpotts provided in-person testimony at the Providence Public Hearing.

The signing ceremony was a celebration and recognition of Ann's relentless pursuit of equal access to an early diagnosis for all RI women as Rhode Island became the 17th state to report density to the patient.  

To read more of Ann's selfless story, as featured in the Warwick Beacon, click HERE. 

Pictured below is patient advocate Ann Galligan Kelley, Dr. Nancy Cappello, and Jan Kritzman, a Connecticut Resident whose invasive cancer, not seen on mammogram, was detected after her physician recommended an ultrasound screening because of Connecticut's landmark legislation. 


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