Dr. Cappello's Blog Post: Let's Talk: Aren't Health Care Providers Expected to Discuss Medical Reports with Patients?

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From the blog: Being the architect of legislation to include a patient’s dense breast tissue, the strongest predictor of mammography missing cancer, in the patient’s mammography reporting results, I am compelled to respond to a study in JAMA: Study Finds Poor Understandability of Notifications Sent to Women Regarding Breast Density.  In this study, the authors conclude, “Efforts should focus on enhancing the understandability of Dense Breast Notifications (DBNs) so that all women are clearly and accurately informed about their density status, its effect on their breast cancer risk, and the harms and benefits of supplemental screening….” of which I agree.  It’s outlandish, however, that the authors also conclude the understandability of breast density notifications is poor while severely understating the importance of physicians discussing test result findings with their patients.

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