Joan Lunden joins Dr. Cappello at FDA meeting to standardized the reporting of dense tissue to patients.

Joan Lunden joins Dr. Cappello in Gaithersburg, Maryland to Urge FDA to Take Action for a National Density Reporting Standard

Five years after FDA confirms the importance of a national standard of density reporting through MQSA regulations, nothing has materialized.

It's crucial that the FDA act on the issue of breast density notification, reported Dr. Cappello to the MQSA committee.  She last addressed the MQSA committee in November, 2011, and since then, no action has been taken by FDA to protect women with dense breast tissue from missed, delayed and advanced stage breast cancer.   

"Since 2011, 200,000 women have died of breast cancer -- and some never missed a mammography appointment," she told the MQSA committee. "The FDA needs to issue regulations to ensure that women have the same information about the impact of dense breast tissue as their doctors do."

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