AHRA Board of Directors endorses the efforts of Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc.

The Association for Medical Imaging Management has endorsed Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. and its efforts to standardize the communication of dense breast tissue.

"With a strong national footprint, the AHMA felt it was our duty to support the development of these laws throughout the U.S. to effectively reduce the mortality rate among women with dense breast tissue," said Carlos Vasquez, AHRA President.

"We are thrilled to have the expertise of AHRA and its members as they join us to ensure that all women regardless of where they live or who their doctor is, understand the risks and screening challenges of dense breast tissue," added Dr. Nancy Cappello, founder of Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. The Joint Press Release may be found HERE.

Pictured below is Bonnie Rush, AHRA liaison to AYDA and Dr. Cappello at the UCSF conference on Breast Density and Risk.  Dr. Cappello joined Bonnie as they presented on dense breast tissue and screening challenges at the AHRA annual meeting in Minneapolis.  Pictured at the AHRA is Vikram Butani, President, Kubtec, Bonnie Rush, Carlos Vasquez, President AHRA and Dr. Cappello.

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