RESEARCH: Mammography Misses Every Other Cancer in Dense Breasts

Ultrasound and Mammography Very Effective in Finding Cancers that Otherwise would be Missed

Ultrasound and MRI, added to mammography, substantially increases EARLY, SMALL, NODE negative cancers in women with dense breast tissue. 

The comment below by Dr. Berg is the reality for thousands of women who are dutiful in getting their yearly screening mammogram, yet because of their dense tissue (which they do not even know they have), their mammogram reads "normal" - yet in reality they have hidden invasive cancer which is not diagnosed until at a later stage.

 “This and other studies confirm that mammography fails to see about half of the cancers present in women with dense breasts. These women tend to be diagnosed with more advanced cancers often detected clinically in the interval between annual mammography screenings. For this study, the interval cancer rate for mammography plus ultrasound was 8 percent, which compares favorably with the 10 percent interval cancer rate observed from screening women with mammographically fatty (not dense) breasts. This suggests that adding ultrasound will improve effectiveness of screening for women at intermediate breast cancer risk with dense breasts and for high-risk women who are unable to undergo MRI,” explains Berg.

You can view the short video here.

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